Drawing Research

PhD Research:
Drawn Chorus

Drawn Chorus: Practice-led PhD research, Massey University, Wellington, 2016 – 2020

My own embodied speculation of how ‘sound’ is received as pressure from a whale’s perspective sits at the heart of this methodological drawing investigation. In-depth research uncovered an intuitive space between ‘perceiver and perceived’, thereby allowing room to listen, imagine and speculate on a whale’s experience of human-generated sound as it interferes with the natural sound environment of the ocean.

Sound is essential to marine mammals; it is a primary means of communication. Noise travels through the sea as pressure, and it travels further in the sea than in the air. Through the development of an in-depth drawing research process that tunes into bodily, sensory and gestural responses to ocean acoustics, a visual language for the unseen sound forces experienced by whales has evolved. Relational encounters with science and nature played a role in this production of knowledge.

Inbetween: Drawing Breath
MFA, Massey University, Wellington, 2013

M. O’Toole, Depth, Charcoal 2013

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